Thursday, January 24, 2013

!SweaterVest Award! for Most Unreadable Comment

So, as you may or may not know, the internet is filled with lots of interesting, uncommon, and outright odd people. I have decided to start to give awards to these people. Now you may ask, what type of award would I give someone. What would BenSweaterVest give to someone, on his blog the SweaterVestChronicles at

What type of award would I give......

That is correct! I have created The SweaterVest Award for Internet Achievements!

The first award will be given to a most.... Interesting.... comment on Brute Reason. This comment is one that I can't finish. I regularly read lengthy scientific reports and articles, proof coding, and even memorized pi for fun in high school, but I could not finish this article. Not only is this comment a mash of conspiracy theory, ancient alien theory, pseudo-religion, and woo science, but it is 21 pages long (at 12 point arial font), SINGLE SPACED! (For those of our readers used to double space, that is 42 pages....)

Also part of the conspiracy?

I have tried multiple times to finish it, but it isn't happening... Not only because I dont have the necessary time, energy, or willpower, but because that is not the end! The comment has been cut off part way through the word "after".

And so, I officially award this SweaterVest Award to commenter "Donald Smalter". !Congratulations!

To Donald Smalter for MOST Unreadable Comment

Another SweaterVest award was issued immediately after this first award was created (and not just because I had a few different images created). This comment did not go without thoughtful response. Miriam, the wonderful "Professional Fun-Ruiner" in charge of this blog responded with the only possible response. 

Miriam, Professional Fun-Ruiner

Now,  seeing as this was better than any comment I could ever conceive of, I am proud to award Miriam of Brute reason with the Best Response to Terrible Comment Award! This Award made of real Gold (colored pixels)!

To Miriam Best Response to Terrible Comment Award 

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