Friday, September 28, 2012

42 days: Molly Willms

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Reader, blogger, people-lover, critical thinker, voting no.
I recently wrote an article in my campus newspaper defending my decision to wear a “Vote NO” shirt on campus, despite the fact that I’m the editor of a publication that strives for fairness and objectivity.
It’s the word “despite” that my detractors would use. Me, I’d use “because.”
I will vote no because to vote yes goes against everything that I am.
I’m the first sentence of this post, but I’m also a writer, an ally, a kind person, a friend to straight, gay and everything around and in between.
I’m a journalist. My job is to question the status quo. My job is to report the provable facts in order to spread the power of knowledge.

I’m the orphan of a mother who loved all people, and realized that in order to say you love gay people, you have to want them to have the same opportunities as everyone else.
I’m the editor at a campus newspaper. It’s my job to look out for the campus community, and I take it very seriously.
I’m not doing students any favors by pretending I have time for hatred, ignorance and oppression all fueled by the misreading of an ancient text that is not a compulsory belief.
If you want to sit there and not want gay people to get married, you have my blessing.
But the second you start trying to take rights away from people based on your beliefs, there’s an issue.
There’s an issue between you and me, a thinker, a reasoner, a public servant, a believer in logic, someone acquainted with what comes after rights are taken away, a human being who cares for other human beings.
And if you identify yourself with any of the above traits, you should vote no, too.

Molly Willms is a senior at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota. She blogs and writes for newspapers in the St. Cloud area. She loves her cat and most other things.

Find her at and follow her @MollyWillms

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